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​Access and user permission​s 

Only contacts from registered organisations​ (see the list below) can access this workspace. 

​If you have any questions, please contact project group: ​bm-pg@eunis.org ​​​

  • 29.11.2022: a new proposal for BM2022 Excel survey questionnaire is ready for comments:
    It contains suggested changes based on 23.11.2022 webinar​
  • Preparation for BM2022 survey is still ongoing
  • Webinar November 23 2022 UTC 12-14 (13-15 CH/Den/Nor/Swe, 14-16 Fin/Gre)
    • ​​​Reveal preliminary schedule for BM2022 process
    • Give a short presentation about BM-survey and its process for those who hasn’t done it previously
    • ​Have some suggestions for changes from previous rounds and would like to hear your comments on those.
      (See BM2022-improvement.pdf)​
    • Tell how new analysis will improve flexibility of the use
  • You can comment on questions in Flinga board: https://edu.flinga.fi/s/ESY6AK5​​

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