​Sof​t​ware for​​ Research and Education

​​Notice! All software listed on this page has been licenced for education and publicly funded research in Finland by students end umployees of the University of Oulu.
The software cannot be used for product development, or in projects funded directly by companies, or for doing evaluations of the sofware for third parties.


Scientific Comput​ing Software

You can find information​ about the University's scientific computing software resources in Patio.

Electronics Design Automation Software

The software packages listed below are available on the Linux servers of the Faculty of ITEE. Use one of the following commands to set up your Linux shell (tcsh) for these tools:

  • source /elsoft1/linux/eda_tools_setup.csh (ITEE Net servers; csh shell)
  • source /usr/local/contrib/eda_tools_setup.bash (kataja and itee servers; bash shell)


"Altera" form EUROPRACTICE portfolio

Cadence Design Systems

IC Package and Systems Package from EUROPRACTICE's portfolio.


​​CST Studio​



Mentor Graphics

"Full Suite" from EUROPRACTICE's portfolio and

"IC Nanometer Design", "Design, Verification and Test" and "PCB PADS" bundles from Mentor Graphics Higher Education Program


TCAD OMNI Academic


"Front End and Verification Suite", "ASIC Implementation Suite" and "Analogue Simulation & Modelling Suite" from EUROPRACTICE's portfolio


"Xilinx" from EUROPRACTICE portfolio