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Network of Finnish Universities’ Chief IT Officers

  • Improving IT services of Finnish universities.

  • Sharing information among its members.

  • Creating common guidelines.

  • Enhancing best practices of the industry.

  • Representing members in various interest groups.

  • Creating international relationships.



Contact information

​President Mr. Ari P. Hirvonen, Univeristy of Jyväskylä
ari.p.hirvonen(at)jyu.fi​, tel. +358 - 40 504 5891

Vice president Mr. Ilkka Sissalo, University of Helsinki
ilkka.siissalo(at)helsinki.fi, tel. +358 - 50 402 7070​

IT secretary Mr. Teemu Seesto, University of Turku
teemu.seesto(at)utu.fi, tel. + 358 - 40 546 0596

Who we are?

Members of FUCIO are the CIOs or IT managers of their universities.
Currently 22​ CIOs are representing 14​ FUCIO organisations.

The spring and autumn assembly of the network approve programmes and decide on plans. FUCIO executive committee and IT secretary will execute the plans.

Members of the FUCIO are also operating in various special interest groups (SIG). Most of these are shared with the AAPA-network.
(AAPA is the fellow network of CIOs in polytechnics / universities of applied sciences.)

 FUCIO is continuing fruitful cooperation during autumn 2022

International co-operation


EUNIS (European University Information Systems Organization, www.eunis.org )
is one of FUCIO's most important co-operation partners.


FUCIO is an active partner with the NUAS (The Nordic Association of University Administrators ) in the IT coordination group. FUCIO members Jani Leino (University of Turku) and Christa Winqvist (Aalto university) are currently also members in NUAS-IT.​

BencHEIT / EUNIS Task Force

FUCIO has an actice role of developing and running the BencHEIT survey. Survey relates to the IT costs and technical data of all IT within universities.
eunis.org/task-forces/benchmarking/ ]